Henry Barton-Jones Ice Dragon Master

Welcome to Henry Barton-Jones the new Ice Dragon Master

It is not possible to show you a picture of Henry Barton-Jones because as the new Ice Dragon Master he must not be recognised.

Though the master must remain unidentified, below is The Ice Dragon Master’s Bentley continental.



The account of the creation of the Ice Dragon is told in the story ‘Ice Dragon Rising.’  ©Robert P. Denton 2011

A new Ice Dragon Master was born in 1959. In February 2012 Henry Barton-Jones was brutally initiated into the full power of the Ice Dragon. He was angered at first because there was no one to explain what was happening to him.  This story is told in ‘The Reluctant hero.’ ©Robert P. Denton 2012

In rebuilding a new Ice Dragon Master dynasty, the spirits of the previous Ice Dragon Master and the Ice Dragon Lady played their part over the centuries in re-establishing the necessary genetic link vital to develop a new master. During the process, they did not develop sufficiently to have full powers to merge with the Ice Dragon energy, therefore could not achieve full Master status and the ability to become invisible. Nevertheless their legends lived on both in their sons, also the Lady of the Ice Dragon. Their legends live on though many try to ridicule them as mere myth. The fact they have survived the centuries is testament to the Ice Dragon power. Although the apprentice Master was killed over 2000 years ago before he had developed his full powers, secretly remnants of the family lived on. It was from their genes that a new Master was to eventually emerge. You may be familiar with legendary names like. 12th Century ‘Robin Hood and Maid Marion.’  14th Century ‘William Tell’ and his son and 18th Century ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ Sir Percy Blakeney and his wife Lady Marguerite. May think these are just story folk, but these three legendary heroes fought the same fight as the Ice Dragon and the Master were created for.

Perhaps you know that Baroness Orczy wrote the story of The Elusive Pimpernel. Was it her challenge to keep the story of the Ice Dragon power alive to save those in peril of their lives? Was Baroness Orczy a surviving Lady of the Ice Dragon? If she was perhaps she could not divulge the Ice Dragon because there was still no new master. In the 20 Century little known Sir Nicholas Winton rescued and found homes for almost 700 Jewish children destined for a Nazi death camp.  Oskar Schindler saved 900 Jews from the same Nazi prisons. Were these men and others like them, members of the forgotten Order of the ice Dragon, who put their own lives in peril as Robin Hood, William Tell and Sir Percy Blakeney had?

The Lady of the Ice Dragon becomes the wife of the Master. She alone holds the key to the link between the Ice Dragon and the new Master.

The Lady is perpetual. When the apprentice master heir apparent is ready the current Master fades. At the same time the Lady transforms as the Phoenix does from her ashes comes the new Young Lady who guides the new master to full evolution of his powers.

In the beginning the new Lady does not know her destiny or her past other than a human story created to give her authenticity, direction and purpose. Gradually she discovers who she is also her destined role. This occurs both via the master also her powerful intuitive intelligence, which she never discloses to anyone. Her role as Lady of the Ice Dragon neither surprises nor impresses her. The Lady though more enduring than the Master has no direct powers to control the Ice Dragon by herself, nevertheless she holds the ultimate secret of the Ice Dragon.

In the story of ’The Reluctant Hero’ the new Ice Dragon Master Henry Barton-Jones discovers his new destiny in a sudden display of his emerging power. He is shocked even traumatised as he comes to terms with what he discovers. Because the Lady has been dormant for the past 2 millennia, she too has some difficulty to acclimatise to her new role in protecting planet earth. The new form of the Lady of the Ice Dragon is the beautiful Charlotte Masterson.

Without the Lady the master cannot develop his full powers. Once they have found each other and joined in a symbolic marriage, together they give life to the next master who has in his genes the programming to link him to the power of the Ice Dragon.

The Master may at any time activate the Ice Dragon, at that moment he becomes invisible. In the form of pure energy he can pass through any obstacle, see at incredible distances, fly at the speed of light also whatever he takes hold of becomes invisible to the human eye.

There are two Master Lieutenants appointed by the Master. They are Master Lieutenants for life. Each is endowed with similar powers as the Master, though they can only evoke their power to connect to the Ice Dragon power directly via the Master.

The latest story ‘Tango Dragon and the Asteroid,’ ©Robert P. Denton 2014   is due out shortly.


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