Tango Dragon and the Asteroid

Tango Dragon and the Asteroid


What is special about the Ice Dragon Master
and why you should read this book?

First of all the story which spans 6,000 years became known to the author when confronted by the Ice Dragon high in the Alps during a snow storm. He was aware of the power of the supernatural and had already experienced some scary encounters in dark forests during his profession as a forester. This meeting was no accident, it was for the specific purpose of telling the Ice Dragon story and the arrival of the new Ice Dragon Master.

Robert Denton has been following Henry Barton-Jones the new master and writing his story as he struggles to cope with a new life just when he thought he had been forced into early retirement.

The third story about to be put on general release in hard cover, paperback and eBook, Tango Dragon and the Asteroid continues the story of Henry stopping the brilliant villain Ricardo Bettencourt from putting us all at risk of a giant asteroid colliding with the world.

This is preceded by the story of Henry and the CIA agent Tom in stopping Ricardo’s plan to blackmail governments out of billions of US dollars. His plan begins to go badly wrong and almost caused the CERN particle collider to turn the world and our universe into a black hole.

The first story is of a terrible War Lord, mass devastation across Europe and Asia. It recounts the creation of the Ice Dragon power and its first Master.

This particular story has its hero, heroine and bad guy. It includes real places and real events of both the past and modern times. It has interwoven plot lines with intrigue, psychology, romance, drama, action and yes even violence because these things are all part of the past and our lives today.

The stories of the Ice Dragon master, Henry Barton-Jones based in Geneva, are full of real life experiences you might recognise and already relate to in your life. As you turn the pages, you will find mind sets that push the boundaries of possibility. Discover thinking that uses ancient philosophy as much as modern physics and neuro sciences. The Ice Dragon Master stories explain things that are happening behind the scenes as we go about our lives unconscious of incredible events kept secret to avoid panic or even mass hysteria.

Step into the story as if you are part of the action and find how to use the power of the Ice Dragon yourself and may be you can one day do what you have always thought impossible.

The power of the Ice Dragon master turns the impossible into history but you have to make a promise. Once you have read any one of the Stories of Henry Barton-Jones and the Ice Dragon master you will know its secret that can change your life.

Henry Barton-Jones is alive and well. If you live in or happen to be in Geneva you might catch a glimpse of him or possibly also the beautiful Charlotte as they dine in a local restaurant.

Editorial Assessment: Overall, the book is entertaining and enthralling, with a compelling plot that keeps readers engaged. This thriller tells an exciting tale of passion, revenge, intrigue, and heroism as it chronicles Henry’s pursuit of the villain Ricardo. This page-turner keeps readers hooked from the very beginning, and the ending sets up a sufficient hook for the other books in the series.

Watch this weblog for news of the launch date of: Tango Dragon and the Asteroid.




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