Tango Dragon and the Asteroid – It is Out Now



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In this thrilling sequel to Robert Denton’s Ice Dragon series, an asteroid is headed for collision with the earth and NASA‘s plan to protect the planet is hijacked by a terrorist killer.   Readers revisit the lives of characters Henry, Ricardo and Charlotte in this thrilling take on apocalyptic fiction.   In Tango Dragon and the Asteroid, Henry finds out an innocent tango school in Toulouse is a cover for a private combat-training facility. Next he discovers the owner was Charlotte’s sergeant major trainer when she spent five years in the British SAS commando regiment.

What if your destiny is to become the new master of an ancient and forgotten, power?
Journey with author Robert Denton in a thrilling new novel following Henry Barton-Jones, a retired MI6 agent, as his life is propelled into unimaginable chaos.
With his old CIA partner, they’ll risk everything to stop Ricardo Bettencourt, a brilliant psychopathic drug baron from blackmailing the world and killing Charlotte, the woman Henry loves.
Will Charlotte’s revenge plan; out manoeuvre the mastermind of all mind games or is she blindly jumping into a doomed fantasy?
Are they really capable of capturing or stopping this elusive killer?