Tango Dragon and the Asteroid – it is coming soon.

Tango Dragon and the Asteroid – it is coming soon.   IMG_0269 After 2000 years there is a new Ice Dragon Master so now the Force is rising again.   Watch This Space for the awaited account about the Ice Dragon and its new master Henry Barton-Jones.   The Ice Queens Palace IMG_0266 Few, very few people have ever heard of the Great Ice Dragon. Though there are some imposters who use the name, there is only one Great Ice Dragon. The Great Ice dragon is no mere mythic creature, it is pure energy. It is a powerful field of energy first created 6,000 years ago to protect people from many dangers like War Lords. Today things have changed but the evil of terrorist organizations, drug syndicates and many other dangers to our homes, our lives and families are abundant in our modern world.   The Ice Dragon got its name from a massive diamond found on the spot where the Ice Dragon force was eventually envisaged. The ice coloured diamond had a natural form of an Asian dragon and became known to those selected to protect it as the Ice Dragon Diamond.   Although this force field has great powers it has not been able to function for the past 2,000 years. This is because the then current Ice Dragon Master dynasty ended tragically and abruptly. It has taken until now to develop a new master by centuries of genetic programming to give the new master the capability to integrate fully with the Ice Dragon field of energy.   The Ice Dragon force has to have a human master to connect this field of energy to our physical world. During January 2010 Henry Barton-Jones discovered he was the chosen one to be the next Master.  Read the story in ‘Henry Barton-Jones The Reluctant Hero.’   You will find the whole story of the creation of the Ice Dragon in ‘Ice Dragon Rising.’   Soon to be released will be Tango Dragon and the Asteroid.   Watch this space for the release date, of Tango Dragon and the Asteroid, how you can be part of the Ice Dragon force also for more information.